Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why do Many Palmists ask for our DOB Before Reading Palms ?

On several occasions, I had my palms read to see how knowledgeable was the reader.  I found it puzzling as to why my date of birth was an important factor to them. Finally I refused to give my DOB to the last two palmists. They felt very uncomfortable, but proceeded with the reading all the same. Usually asking someone's age is normal because calculating an event in the past or future makes it easier to see whether a specific circumstance had occurred or not.

The last two readers had difficulty figuring out my personality, and past reactions to certain events in my lifetime. It turns out, many palmists use a client's DOB to find out the astrological sign of the person. A good palmist does not require astrology to understand emotional characteristics of their clients.  Everything you need to know is indicated in both palms by way of the hand, fingers and mounts.

Always check both palms of the client. One palm will have fewer lines than the other. One palm shows events to come, and the other indicates whether or not some of the circumstances have occurred, and what changes they made. Lines in your palms show your state of mind, and the mounts, thumb and fingers portray ones will. In other words, a person's personality traits. If lines and mount development are similar in both palms then your client believes in fate, he or she is either content with life or afraid to change, and will not be taking risks.

When the opposite is true, then these clients prefer mapping their own destiny. They enjoy taking charge of their own lives.

You may encounter a client with one smooth palm with major lines, and few other lines, and the other palm covered in a web of lines. You may even discover both palms with a nexus of activity.

Imagine all the changes, intrigue and lifestyle that these people encountered. On a special note, it could be a very long reading... so put on a fresh pot of coffee or tea.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Missing Heartline

Long heart lines curving up to the index finger on long palms with long fingers and with a well-developed mount of Venus belong to idealistic and passionate people. They are competitive and physically active in sports. They are also demanding of their partner’s time and energy. Once they recognize this factor, they eventually lesson their hold on their partners. Therefore these individuals need to be reminded to cool down when they are being overbearing or a little too domineering.
Before moving on to the next article, it is important to remember that the Venus mount (below the thumb) is a power house of energy. The thicker it is, the more driven and the more passionate the person.

Missing Heart Lines

Having no heart line may be better than a hand with a short one. What appears to be a missing heart line most often is the fusing of two major lines of the heart and head lines. The fusion of two lines is called the Simian line.

A Simian line appears as a long head line running across the palm with no heart line. The bearer of this line is very focused in everything he or she does, putting mind and soul to speak into ones work and relationship. These individuals have a very sharp intellect, and require their own space to achieve goals and projects because of the intensity of concentration involved in perfecting them.

There are hands with both heart and head lines, but are connected by a branch line linked from either the end of the index finger mount or by the life line. This linking of major lines by an offshoot is also a Simian line in progress. In this case, the depth of concentration is balanced between heart and head lines. This person will not mind interruptions from other people.

The Simian line is found on very successful people because they are driven by an enormous amount of energy particularly if they have a well-developed mount of Venus.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Welcome to Heart Line News

Heart Line is a place for palmistry geeks and anyone interested in unscrambling the mysteries of lines etched from birth. My name is Therese, and I have been a palmist for over 30 years. You heart line and other lines help you discover latent talents, understand social limitations, and much more.

Palmistry is an art, and a very intricate one at that. Reading a palm is like reading a geological map. A palmist must know all aspects of the hand, palm, fingers, mounts and lines in order to provide a more detailed picture on how they all interact with one another. This interaction influences decision making and your health.

The Long Heart Line

For example, a hand showing a long heart line stretching just below the index finger in one hand, but not in the other hand lessens the impact of idolizing someone. Also, if this long heart line belongs to someone with a large mount of Venus (below the thumb) and long fingers then the person being worshiped will be shown no mercy once the image is shattered. The self-created image of the person loved will no longer hold any value to the beholder.

On the other hand, a strong and straight head line would give a more matter of fact approach on handling a shattered image of a loved one: Expectations are more realistic. You also have to take into consideration the length of the fingers, what type of thumb does the client possess. The more flexible the thumb, the more adaptable the beholder becomes to physical changes of their loved one. The stiffer the thumb, the more the beholder holds onto an unrealistic view of its beloved.

If the fingers are shorter, the more practical is the approach of the beholder toward its loved one, business savvy is more important, and as long as its beloved holds to the same principles and values, they will get along.

A long straight heart line running horizontally across the hand belongs to people who think, before reacting emotionally. They observe and weigh emotional issues. This type of line changed over time resulting from hardships endured from a one-sided relationship. You'll note that one hand shows the line placed near or between the mounts under the index and middle fingers, and the other hand shows the longer one stretched out from where it was once similar to the other hand. It does not necessarily mean that the heart is colder, it shows more reflection and understanding of what the beholder really wants in a relationship, and how far he or she will pursue the values its beholder requires. Of course, depending on whether the fingers are long or short, and measuring the thickness of the mount of Venus, this evolved heart line will take more precautionary steps into a new relationship.

All these details provide a significant amount of information in order to help the client overcome an emotional obstacle.

The Short Heart Line
The shorter the heart line, the more materialistic the person. Your worth depends on what the beholder of the short heart line wants. Small children with short heart lines do not like to share, they hoard their toys, and this trait worsens if they have a stiff thumb with short fingers. It will take patience to see children through this period. They will require proof in benefiting from generosity and fair exchange. Lines can change when building character with care and love. When great care is given to correct this trait, the beholder will use wealth to generate more wealth, rather than hoard it. They will see the benefit of fair exchange and generosity and reap its rewards with others.

Feel free to share your experiences with palmistry.